False Statement # 15 by Steve Slott, DDS

“There is no valid evidence, whatsoever, of HF reformation in the gut." 
(Perrott Blog #46556,  Oct. 30, 2013)


PM Response: Although  statement like this was already addressed in Point #5, Slott continues to spew this nonsense on blogs everywhere.

Once again - some literature:

    “Since soluble ionic fluorides dissociate to release free F- in solution and protonate to form HF in the acid milieu of the gastrointestinal act, all should be absorbed readily in the stomach, since this is the most acidic portion of the gastrointestinal tract. As previously indicated, this accepted theory has been demonstrated in a number of human and animal studies.”
    - Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks, Department of Health and Human Services, February 1991 p.3   

    "With the exception of monofluorophosphate, all fluoride-releasing compounds form hydrogen fluoride when mixed with hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In the acid environment of the stomach, fluoride and hydrogen ions form the nonionized molecule hydrogen fluoride, which might be irritating to the stomach mucosa if the concentration is sufficiently high." 
    - NRC/NAS - Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride (1993) pg.87

    "Gastric fluoride absorption is inversely related to the pH of the stomach content because, in the stomach, fluoride is absorbed predominantly as HF [10].When ionic fluoride enters the acidic gastric lumen environment, it is converted into HF which is an uncharged molecule that readily crosses cell membranes, including the gastric mucosa."  
    - Buzalaf MAR- Monographs in Oral Science. Fluoride and the Oral Environment. (2011) pg.24

Paul Melters