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Johnson False Statement #1:

"Effective: It reduces cavities by at least 25% or more for everyone, regardless of color,
socio-economic status, religion, ethnicity, or education."  

As of September 5, Johnny Johnson had been asked on at least 30 different occasions to provide just ONE scientific reference for his claims.

The question posed:

Provide ONE scientific study that can show this effectiveness of water fluoridation, and which has accounted for established confounding factors such as race, gender, age, total intake, tooth eruption, brushing and other oral hygiene factors, socio-economic status, etc..  


To this date Johnson has not been able to post ONE such study.

He has avoided answering the question on most occasions, but responded twice - both times trying to weasel his way out of answering.


    In his most recent post on the matter (September 6) he wrote a post to the public, stating that the request for this study was just a “attempt to deflect the facts away from you, and to instill questions and doubts in your minds”. He wrote that it was “a request to produce a ‘study’ which has never been done on any topic. Nor can it be done.”

“To challenge a scientist/researcher to account for every conceivable parameter that could be
 imagined, including finger nail polish and mustache color, is ridiculous.”

The full statement and the response by Paul Melters can be found here.