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Slott - Melters

Over the course of the last few months Paul Melters had numerous exchanges with Steve Slott, DDS, on various internet blogs. Melters made a list of the Top 5 Slott statements that were erroneous and misleading, if not outright false, and repeatedly asked Slott to address them. In August/September Steve Slott finally addressed the 5 Points, but not without misleading everybody once again, and distorting the truth even further.

Below are Melters’ responses to Slott’s comments.

Response: Point 1 - Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DSS - September 2, 2013

Response Point 2 - Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DDS - September 4, 2013

(Earlier Response - August 29, 2013)
Alternate Response to Slott by Melters (1R)

Response Point 3 - Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DDS - September 5, 2013
(Earlier Response - August 29, 2013)

Response Point 4 - Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DDS - September 6, 2013
(Earlier Response - August 29, 2013)

Response Point 5 - Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DDS - September 6, 2013
(Earlier Response - August 29, 2013)


Other False/Deceiving Statements made by Steve Slott, DDS

Statement 6:
“Relevance to water fluoridated at 0.7 ppm?”

Statement 7:
"You have no proof, whatsoever, of any adverse effect of fluoride at the optimal level on any organs of the body."

Statement 8:
"There are no adverse health effects below 10 mg a day."


"A daily intake of fluoride from all sources of less than 10 mg per day will result in NO adverse effects LONG or SHORT term."

Statement 9:
"It is futile to attempt to make any kind of assessment on effectiveness water fluoridation or any of the numerous other variables involved in formation of dental decay without controlling for these factors. There are countless peer-reviewed scientific studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of water fluoridation. I will gladly provide you with a list of some of them if you so desire."

Statement 10:
"The 27 studies were found in obscure Chinese journals, and were of the effects of high naturally occurring fluoride in the drinking water of various Chinese, Mongolian, and Iranian villages."

Statement 11:
"In the entire history of mankind, in which the fluoride ion has been ingested in water by humans....in the entire 68 year history of water fluoridation in which the fluoride has been ingested by tens of millions of humans..... there have been NO proven adverse effects attributable to it at the optimal level."

Statement 12:
"10 mg per day upper limit IS dose and duration."
"10 mg IS the dose. ‘per day’ IS the duration"

Statement 13
"Dental fluorosis is not an issue with water fluoridation."

Statement 14
"50% - 80% of that total being from the water. In fluoridated areas,  that total will be closer to 80%, in non-fluoridated, closer to 50%."

Statement 15
"There is no valid evidence, whatsoever, of HF reformation in the gut."