POINT 5: Response by Paul Melters to Steve Slott from a previous date - August 29, 2013

#5) Yes - laughable. You can pick and chose quotes as you like, you remain a total fool.  

"Ingested fluoride reacts with gastric acid to produce hydrofluoric acid in the stomach."

That is the issue. Not how much or how little - it does. It depends on pH. Do you know what pH means, or do I need to explain that, too? 

Re: "None of this is of any relevance to water fluoridated at 0.7 ppm."  

You keep stating this ad nauseum, presumably, because you want to distract from TOTAL intake, and that it is TOTAL intake that matters in toxicity evaluations.  

That's like saying 2 cigarettes a day are okay as long as you get them from the corner store. The other ones you smoke during the day have no bearing on your health. Are you an idiot?


When you come to a police checkstop, the police officer will not come to your window, asking how many shooters or Martinis you had to drink. He will ask if you have consumed any alcohol and how much, because it is the TOTAL intake of alcohol that is of concern.  

Likewise for fluoride poisoning. It is TOTAL intake that matters.