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Point #4: Response by Paul Melters to Steve Slott, DDS - September 5, 2013

To Steve Slott

You wrote:

#4 Below is the out-of-context quotes and the third party "source" from which you copy/pasted them, in regard to the 1977 and 1991 reports. Once again, as I’ve made clear to you before, provide proper cites for the reports you wish to reference and I will gladly look at the information in its entire and proper context. Cites found on third party antifluoridationist websites are frequently not reliable and are insufficient references. Although I was able to find the 1977 report in entirety, the “cite” you pulled off of this website for the 1991 report is totally inadequate. Assumedly the reason you are unable to properly cite these reports is because you obviously have not read the reports, have no idea of how to access them, and have no understanding whatsoever of their meaning. I encourage any readers who desire to see the type of misleading tactics utilized by antifluoridationists such as Paul, to access the link I posted below the following quote in order to see from where he has obtained these out-of-context quotes for which he can produce no acceptable reference.

“1977 "... Recent studies indicate that the total intake of fluoride is as high as 3 mg/day rather than the earlier figure of 1.5 mg/day, primarily because of increases in the estimated levels of fluoride in food. (1970) Balance data presented by Spencer also suggest a higher retention by bone, nearly 2 mg/day rather than the 0.2 mg/day indicated earlier. ... These findings are important . . . a retention of 2 mg/day would mean that an average individual would experience skeletal fluorosis after 40 yr, based on an accumulation of 10,000 ppm fluoride in bone ash." [phase 3 Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis] Drinking Water and Health, Safe Drinking Water Committee, National Academy of Sciences, NAS/NRC, 1977 p. 371-372
Fluorine Excretion and Balances in Adult Men -- intake @4-14 mg/day, absorption =94% -- 40% retained Trace Elements In Human and Animal Nutrition, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (1987) p.378
1991 Estimated daily fluoride intake, adults in optimally fluoridated area: up to 6.6 mg/day .. in areas with 2 to 4 ppm fluoride in water: up to 7+ mg/day. Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks, Department of Health and Human Services, February 1991 p17”


PM Response:

I have addressed this issue previously (4)

The issue has also been addressed in Point #1

As of today, September 5, 2013 you have been provided with the properly cited references 18 times, on various occasions. 

My original Point 4 was:

4) PM: I provided a clear citation for the 1991 report which showed that fluoride intake is up to 6.6 mg/day in optimally fluoridated areas.

Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks, Department of Health and Human Services, February 1991 p17 (table 11) 
Available for FREE via Google Books/Diane Publishing - wow! - with page numbers!! - and the US Government: http://health.gov/environment/ReviewofFluoride/ 
Special link for Google-challenged reader Steve Slott: 

4) Slott: "Paul, that's the problem, you haven't cited anything except a quote you pulled off of a third party website in regard to 6.6 mg fluoride intake per day. Again, if you would like to provide a URL where may be found page 17 of this 1991 study cited by your source, then I will be glad to view it in its entirety. Until you do, it is nothing but unsubstantiated anecdotal information.” 

How long will you continue with these silly claims? You’ve been given the exact same citation
18 times! How much clearer can one make it for you?