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POINT 2: Response by Paul Melters to Steve Slott from a previous date - August 29, 2013

SLOTT: “#2 The human body is far too complex to assume that the process of fluoride retention and excretion can be neatly split into equal mathematical portions over a lifetime. To not understand this is to not understand the mechanisms of substance interactions within the human body, whatsoever. Positive and negative plasma fluoride balances are the determining factors.”

PM RESPONSE: Please provide a scientific reference for this nonsense. Again, why do you think there are exposure limits set for workers all over the world exposed to fluoride? Why is there an MCL for fluoride in water?

Background info for the reader. 

Steve Slott was asked to explain the following statement:

2) Slott: "...absurdities such as your own ridiculous attempt to extrapolate "10-20 mg/day for at least 10 years" into being the "same" as "2.5 -5 mg for 40-80 years" is an excellent example of how antifluoridationists claim "science" to support their position. "

I had asked Steve Slott to provide any scientific information as to why this most established basic tenet of fluoride toxicology is "absurdist" and "ridiculous". 

He was given a link to a report by the National Academy of Sciences/National Academy of Sciences NRC which stated that fluoride retention of 2 mg/day would lead to skeletal fluorosis in 40 years. (This statement can also be found cited in the 2006 NRC report). 

SOURCE: Drinking Water and Health, Safe Drinking Water Committee, National Academy of Sciences, NAS/NRC, 1977 p. 372 - Available for FREE via the NAP website.

Slott then posted a direct link to this specific page, trying to disprove the info. 


Another hour later, he accused me of taking this info from a 3rd party website, accused me of not having read this report (and one more from 1991), that I was "unable to properly cite these reports", and that I had "no idea how to access them", and that "I had no understanding whatsoever of their meaning"

If that doesn't make sense to anyone - join the club. (The links are available to anyone. Interested readers can investigate this issue themselves and see who is distorting the facts.) 

It is obvious that Steve Slott is in over his head on this one.