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Perrott caught lying - once again
December 30th, 2013

   On December 30th, Ken Perrott published what is likely to be his last post for his “debate” with Paul Connett.

In this comment 49391 Ken Perrott wrote - concerning his “moderation” criteria: 

    "My approach to moderation was to hold back comments that were:

  • Clearly spam (such as posting videos without accompanying comment), 
  • Extensive copy and paste without personal input (I personally feel insulted when commenters will copy and paste several pages from a book or web site, without any formatting to remove page numbers or add links),
  • Simply abusive without contributing to the discussion or providing information (No, I did not stop comments which were abusive or angry when they did have something of value in their arguments or information)."  

Response: Once again, Ken Perrott is lying.  

1) He disallowed comments because he was unable to back up claims he had made, such as in the case of Louise Mantella's posts.  


Mantella's comments certainly did not fit in any of the above categories. She made Perrott look like a fool - that was her only mistake. 

2) He disallowed comments when it became apparent that the science and arguments presented were sound and irrefutable, such as the response to Billy Budd concerning the Mexican studies showing that children with even very mild and mild dental fluorosis had increased caries severity.  

3) This was also the subject of the response to Dr. Johnny Johnson: 

4) Perrott disallowed comments when they exposed his main contributors to be wrong, such as was the case with Slott, Katesby, and Christie.

NOTE: Katesby should have been banned after falsely accusing Mantella of “quote mining”. Perrott was to be the “arbiter” for Katesby’s challenge to anyone to prove him wrong.  What did Perrott do? Censor the comments, so he wouldn't have to deal with the evidence. 

Interestingly - Perrott himself  - just like Christie and Katesby - was unable to provide even ONE example of “quote-mining” in Mantella’s posts. When informed that we’re still waiting for references for his “deficiency” statement and the “quote-mining” examples on a forum on  Facebook, no further response from Perrott was received.

Fraud = A false representation of a matter of fact.

Paul Melters