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Who is Johnny Johnson?

In his own words:

Johnny Johnson, Jr., DMD, MS
Pediatric Dentist
Diplomate, American Board of Pediatric Dentistry  
Palm Harbor, FL (Pinellas County)
Children's advocate for dental health, everywhere!!

President of the American Fluoridation Society


Johnson posts on many social forums on the internet, proclaiming to be a “expert” on fluoride, and advocates for the fluoridation of water supplies. He continuously misinterprets the scientific literature on fluoride effects, risks and benefits.

When confronted with scientific evidence that is in direct opposition to his claims, he usually does one of several things:
1) not answer at all
2) comes up with a red herring or a strawman,
3) accuses the writer of “fear-mongering”, using “conspiracy tactics”, or the like
4) cite literature which has nothing to do with the subject being discussed

The following posts serve to illustrate how Johnny Johnson misinforms the public.

Statement 1:
"Effective: It reduces cavities by at least 25% or more for everyone, regardless of color, socio-economic status, religion, ethnicity, or education."  

Statement 2
"Below 4mg/L (4ppm) of naturally occurring fluoride in water, health problems do not exist."


Statement #3:
"The NRC Panel concluded that under 4ppm, NO ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS OCCUR."

Statement #4:
"You betcha I would answer fluoridation questions for anyone wanting the truth."
“Present the credible scientific facts. That's what I always do.”

Statement #5:
“"It's safe, it knocks out a quarter of the cavities that you'll get without it being added to your water."

Statement #6:
"Can I use optimally fluoridated tap water to mix infant formula?" YES!!!

One More Lie, so One More Time: YES! YES! YES! they can have fluoridated water to mix with their formula,
and thus, fluoride. Geez, when will you people ever quit lying?

Statement #7:
“Safe for everyone to drink.”

Statement #8:
“It provides huge savings in money from reducing preventable dental work.
It also reduces pain and suffering from cavities.”

Statement 9:
“Severe dental fluorosis is not an adverse health effect”

Statement 10:
“Not a single credibly published, peer reviewed piece of research has EVER shown a single harm to our health”
Not a single, not even 1, adverse health effect has been associated with Optimally fluoridated water. ZERO.”

Statement 11:

“There's been no literature that found any connection whatsoever between water fluoridation and cancer.”


Response Paul Melters to Johnny Johnson: Concerning 5 studies by Louise Mantella
(November 28, 2013)

Paul Melters’ response to Johnny Johnson’s 2nd reply
concerning the 5 studies listed by
Louise Mantella in Comment 47741 - Ken Perrott blog.

(December 9, 2013)