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Response By Melters to Cedric Katesby - COMMENT 48201
December 9, 2013

COMMENT 48532    Paul Melters December 10, 2013 at 10:38 am

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IN COMMENT 48201,  Fool Cedric writes

CEDRIC: “I attempted to contact Dr Zimmer but his email seems to be down.”

PM Response: You couldn’t have tried very hard. He is at the University of Witten in Germany
You can find his current email right here:

Before you contact him I suggest that you actually read his review that was discussed here. Otherwise you might just make yourself look even more foolish than is already the case.

It’s available here:

CEDRIC: “Glad to see you had better success.
Thanks to you and Dr Maupome for taking the time to set the record straight.
It’s the best way to torpedo quote-mining.”

PM Response: As far as Maupome and good ole’ Billy Budd setting the record straight - it didn’t quite work. Better luck next time.

You STILL haven’t been able to provide even ONE quote representative of “quote-mining”. Just repeating your accusations does not make them any more truthful.  Still waiting for the “great” Cedric Katesby to come through...(yawn...)

If you were only half the big man you pretend to be - you would have honored your word and signed off this blog for good - as you promised.

CEDRIC: “Louise and Paul owe us all an apology for their efforts to decieve (sic).
Shame on them.
And a special apology is owed to the authors of those papers.”

PM Response: We don’t owe you or anybody anything, as we weren’t the ones doing the deceiving. You were. Ken was. Slott was. Richard was.

Start educating yourself a bit better on what is being discussed if you want to be taken seriously.
So far you’ve shown yourself to be a total knob.

Paul Melters